Friday, November 30, 2012

A surge...

It's so funny.  I've gone months without pushing that publish button.  My inspiration not lost, but just lessened, not sure what direction to go.

But this morning I found an urge of inspiration and one cannot pass that up because I never know when it might decide to visit again!  So, blogging space, I've missed you, just haven't known how to approach you again.  After having a large surge of visitors several months ago, I guess I just wanted to leave it there,  on a high,  feeling good and not do anything to chance bogging it down... or even disappointing but I'm finding myself missing this space and the stories, little and big, of my family.  It's the big moments noted, yes, but also the small.  Of milestones, of the heavy things, and of the funny and meaningful things.  I depend on this blog to remember those little details and the moments captured on my camera.  And then I'm listening to Phillip Phillips new album right now(so good) and find myself feeling stirred.  My love for music pouring into my love for creativity in writing and in photography and up bubbled this surge.  So, here I am with a house to show tonight (as we're trying to sell our home) and piles of laundry need to be folded and dishes and vacuuming done, but you can't pass up a good surge.

Over Thanksgiving my family visited my grandpa, 99 years old, just as we did last year (one of my most favorite posts - click here), who lives in one of the most beautiful places.   He lives there alone and as we do every year, we all (6 adults and 5 kids) pour into his small home and it becomes sacred space.  It's full of bittersweet;  love, laughter, warmth, and old shag carpet as dear to my heart as shag carpet can be because it's been there all my life, in all my memories growing up.  This time was a little different, though, as my sister and her husband and their sweet twin babies are getting ready to move across the country.  It may be the last time they'll get to visit in several years.  So the time that is usually already enjoyed was soaked up just a little more, moments captured on camera became just a little bit sweeter.  Four generations gathered together, only missing my sweet grandmother, in a home full of memories and momentos of a lifetime of family and what has become home for all of us.  Bittersweet, indeed.


And while there, just a few short weeks before they leave, I got to capture my sister, brother-in-law, and those precious babies in one of the most beautiful pieces of land, both in geography and also in heart, knowing it would be a while before they'd see it again...

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I also got to spend a little time with my aunt, uncle, and cousins and capture a few images of them, too.  Loved that time with them.  :)

One last random, going back even further, Halloween was one of my favorites this year.  Our dear friends, whose kids are our kids' best friends also just moved across the country, as well.  This year's trick-or-treating was our last big event with them and it didn't disappoint.  Sweet, fun costumes and giggles around our neighborhood and some awesome last pictures of them together capped off their time living in the same town together.

And would you believe I took this picture with my phone, Jon uploaded to a local photo contest, and we won!?  I don't know that I've ever won anything and we won an iPad mini!  Giddy with excitement  I was!  So exciting!

As we move into this holiday season, I pray for no lack of inspiration and for peace and kindness and reflection, thankful for the gifts we have.

Ahh, it feels good to be back.  :)  Thanks for friends new and old who have sent me sweet messages in my absence.  I hope we can start connecting again!  It's been a while. :)


Angie Hensley said...

Your grandpa is 99 and lives alone?? How awesome for him!

Ana Mitchell said...

Yay for blogging again! I need to hit that publish button on my again. :)

Solana said...

I loved this whole blog. I love your photos. Thanks for pressing publish again.

Jacqueline mummy of 4 said...

So glad you're back :) Merry Christmas!


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